A few birds, nothing special

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Geese in a park in Vienna, 1961

Seagulls taking a ride on an ice float on the Danube in Vienna, 2017

Blue Danube with heron 1, 2017

Blue Danube with heron 2, 2017

Heron in Baden (near Vienna) 1, 2018

Heron in Baden (near Vienna) 2, 2018

Chow on Feuerkogel (Upper Austria), 2005

Chows on Feuerkogel (Upper Austria), 2005

Birds at the Butt of Lewis, 2018

Birds on Harris 1, 2018

Birds on Harris 2, 2018

Heron ans seal on Harris, 2018

Heron at the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London, 2018

Seagull and rooster, Venice, 2017

A pair of doves vis-a-vis our balcony, 2014

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