Venezia, 2003 to 2017

Private album, of no general interest

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Edith on Ponte San Rocco (?), 2003

Edith among gondolas on Canal Grande

Edith with lion on Piazetta dei Leoncini, 2003

Robert and gondola (no gondola ride intended), 2008

Edith in taxi, Guidecca Canal, 2008

Edith on Ponte Storto, in front of Casa Verardo, 2016

Edith and Robert reflected in vaporetto station window, 2016

Robert in Palazzo Ducale prison courtyard, 2016

Robert in Madonna del Orto cloister, 2016

Robert somewhere in Venice, 2016

Robert with 8000 Euros chandelier, 2016

Edith on Fontego dei Tedesci viewing platform, 2017

Edith on boat back from Torcello, 2017

Robert on Fondamente Nove, 2017

Edith at Da Silvio, 2017

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